Various photography
Here you can see the works of other types of photography and the locations / events I have been to.

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Art work

Here you see photo art made from pieces of photos. All these pieces of different photos form a new art work.

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Elfia Haarzuilens

In April 2018, the beautiful Kasteel de Haar in Haarzuilens once again set the stage for Elfia, also known as the Elf Fantasy Fair. Elfia is a big fantasy event where nothing is what it seems. On Elfia you can let your imagination run free and imagine yourself in other worlds.

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Landscape photography

You can come across beautiful places at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad. A small selection can be seen here.

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CAI  Beekbergen

CAI Beekbergen is in the starting blocks. From 3 to 6 August 2017, the absolute world top of the two and four-in-hand teams started at the Riant Equestrian Center grounds. For the pair, the competition is the last opportunity to win qualifications for the world championship to be held at the end of September in Lipica.

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Waterdrop photography

You can see here what 2 water drops can do and what forms they take. The drops are no larger than 3-5 mm and can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

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Nature in macro, here you will find some but recordings of various items.

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Portret photography

A portrait shoot done with various people.

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Urbex Kent school

This urbex location in Germany "The Kent School" can be legally visited and photographed for a fee. Inaugurated in 1913 by the Francis brothers. It consisted of a chapel, office, school and 3 other buildings. Closed in 1992 and since then for sale

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Evening shoot Deventer

On Thursday January 11, 2018 I went to Deventer mid afternoon and in the evening to take pictures of the high water.

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Hotel Dullemond

Hotel Laag Soeren is the name, better known by people from Laag Soeren as hotel Dullemond. Built in 1849 and originally intended as the home of Jut van Breukelerwaard. After that it served as a field hospital. Around 1900 the house came into the possession of the Dullemond family, who opened a hotel there.

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Photography in the Waterloopbos. The scale models of more than thirty water works are hidden in the national monumental Waterloopbos. The visitor center is the ideal starting point for a walk through this area with a unique history. There is a large water play area for children.

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Landschaftpark Duisburg

The Landschafstpark Duisburg-Nord is not a normal park, because on its 180-hectare site, industrial culture is connected with nature and a fascinating light installation that makes the park shine in brightly colored light at night.

A shoot done with a cosplay group dressed as pirates on the Batavia.

Shoot  on the  Batavia

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Batavia 08 1500x.jpg

Been to various places in Spain and there to capture many beautiful images with the camera.


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salinas 02 1500x.jpg

Op diverse plekken in Portugal geweest en daar veel mooie beelden mogen vast leggen met de camera.


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lissabon 01 1500x.jpg

Een mooie avond shoot in kampen

Shoot  in Kampen

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Kampen 01 1500x.jpg

Op de Euromast geweest en daarna naar de Erasmusbrug.

Rotterdam Euromast

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Rotterdam 01 1500x.jpg

Oscar de Wit-Snijder



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