From 2000 he started to merge photos. His surprise and enthusiasm about the possibilities that opened up led him to continue with this. He hesitantly embarked on the "photo editing" path. Unaware of the techniques, pixels, and proportions, he enthusiastically started editing. It took him several years to develop his own style step by step. Read a lot, watch other artists, practice day and night and discover what "My" is. He eventually found out where his passion and style were. Mysticism, passion, emotion became his style. Meeting the people with these 3 qualities and generating a certain feeling in them made him happy, that's what he did it for. This resulted in 3 disciplines:

1-waterdrop art

2-art photography

3-hdr-old style

Art photograph
Oscar de Wit  / self-taught / (1964) Apeldoorn



The waterdrop photography falls under the high speed photography. Started with pipettes and plastic bags, developed into a professional installation. Beautiful compositions can be made by working with different colors and shapes. They come as drops and when they touch the water surface, the most beautiful shapes emerge. The shapes, no larger than 3-5 mm, can hardly be seen with the naked eye. It is all the better to see this water art in large format.

......and he is the water artist

Oscar de Wit-Snijder participates in a worldwide photo platform called GuruShots. Challenges are set out in this global platform that everyone in the world can participate in. Oscar has now joined a select group that can write and assess challenges. Partly due to winning a worldwide challenge, he is the highest you can get on this platform namely "Guru". The photo of the blacksmith in Elburg was chosen on this platform as the best photo in the "professions" challenge. This photo has been edited in my style.

Hdr-Oldstyle museum forge Elburg. Photo chosen in the torn calendar 2019 National Geographic Netherlands.
Chosen as the best photo on the global challenge photo platform GuruShots in the challenge "Professions"
Cuypers library Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Art work

For him it is also very important, for the design of a customized work, the interaction between the artist and the person for whom it is intended. What is his passion, hobby, color, interest, etc. to create a work that is recognizable and tailored to that person. His own works are also based on his experiences, emotions, highs and lows.

.... the artwork of Oscar de Wit-Snijder is is mystical, fantasy full and radiates emotion


While adapting the photos of a miller in Cadzand-Bad, he wanted to give it a different look, so a style has emerged that is characteristic for the project about "old crafts and monumental buildings in and around Apeldoorn". A style that exudes authenticity and detail, called "HDR Old style".

The new project will therefore be based on this style. That project is "the 10 most unusual libraries in the Netherlands". After the project there will be a national exhibition.

Hdr Oldstyle - the first 5 special libraries

Oscar de Wit-Snijder

Photographer of Kees Blom, a fine art painter in Apeldoorn

Oscar de Wit-Snijder



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