Wall posters Van Wamelen optic.

For optics Van Wamelen in Apeldoorn, LeBlanc Design may design 2 wall posters of 2 x 3 meters.




1-Old crafts and monumental buildings (in and around Apeldoorn).

It started in Zeeland, I photographed a miller there and when I got home I went to see my photos. When I arrived at the miller's photo, I started to edit it and a look came over me that was very surprising but at the same time very pleased. I had to do more with that ........ That is how I started to further develop this operation. This is how the style I apply to my projects, the "HDR-Old Style", was born.

Now apply this style .......... Thinking of what we have in Apeldoorn and surroundings, I came across the old crafts and monumental buildings in and around Apeldoorn. The first shoot was with Kees Blom, a fine painter in Apeldoorn. This was followed by the beautiful monumental buildings of 's Heerenloo (formerly Groot Schyulenburg), which was just in the renovation, which worked out well for this project.

This project started June 2016 and was completed on May 19, 2017 with the last photo shoot at Hans de Louter Luthier in Apeldoorn. The works that radiate authenticity and place people and the object back in their time.
This project has been exhibited in gallery Studio 28, the entire month of December 2017, in Apeldoorn. Under the link "HDR Old Style" you can see more works in this style. I have photographed 10 professions / monumental buildings, you will see some of each of them during the exhibition.

1 -Kees Blom (fine painter)
2 -'s Heerenloo care group Apeldoorn (monumental buildings)
3 -The Veluwse Schavuyt brewery
4 -Mentent Mill (old paper factory Loenen)
5 -Eusebius church (Arnhem)
6 -Forge (Elburg)
7 -Rein Tupker blacksmith (Soest)
8 -Cateel Cannenburch (Vaassen)
9 -Hans de Louter (luthier in Apeldoorn)
10-rope shop (Elburg)

Thanks to the people and organizations where I was allowed to do the photo shoots.


Hans de Louter Luthier in Apeldoorn

2-The 10 most extraordinary historical libraries in the Netherlands


During the 1st project I was already thinking about the next project. What I knew was that it had to be editable in my style. After a long thought and search, I ended up on a page about libraries. On this page there was an item about "The 10 most special historical libraries in the Netherlands".
That's it ..... I thought, all these libraries have an authentic look and feel and can be edited perfectly in my style for the HDR Old-Style look. The first contact was made with the chain library in Zutphen.
There the first photo shoot took place and discussions about this project. Mr. A Leerintveld, curator of modern manuscripts at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, now retired, helped me to make the right contacts where needed. Based on my style, 9 out of 10 libraries have so far given permission to take photographs. This of course has some feet in the ground because there must always be someone present, whether security, guide, or curator. During this project I received a warm welcome everywhere and people were extremely surprised and enthusiastic about the style.


At the moment I am working on a photo book about the first 5 libraries, at the moment of writing 2 still have to be photographed. This book will be for sale online at


When the project is finished, and that will probably be around May 2019, there will be an exhibition. I will report the place and place via this site z.s.m.


De bibliotheken in dit project zijn:

1  -Librije
     Chain library Zutphen uit de 16e eeuw.

2  -Ets Haim Livraria Montezinos
     The oldest functioning Jewish library in the world
     Amsterdam. Is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

3  -De Bibliotheca Thysiana
     Only library in the Netherlands from the seventeenth century that are in
     original housing has been preserved.

4  -House of Gijn in Dordrecht
     19th century home library.

5  -De bibliotheek van Artis
     The Artis Library is a nineteenth-century gallery library.

6  -Rococo-bibliotheek

     Designed by Joseph Moretti. The library is among other things
     used for chamber music concerts.

7  -The Amerongen Castle library

     Is one of the few preserved noble libraries from the 18th century.

8  -De Cuypersbibliotheek

     De grootste en oudste kunsthistorische bibliotheek van Nederland.

9  -The library of Slot Zuylen

     Zuylen Castle is a particularly centuries-old castle, with the most famous being
     resident writer Belle van Zuylen.

10-Library of the Teylers Museum

     The library, built in 1826, contains a historical collection
     18th and 19th century natural history books and magazines


Rococo library in Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade

Oscar de Wit-Snijder



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